Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Bippo's Place for Smiles, the pediatric dental office of Dr. Edward L. Donaldson, Jr. and his daughter, Dr. Jill M. Donaldson.  Our office has four pediatric dentists.  We also have several general dentists to assist the pediatric dentists.  Everyone at Bippo's Place for Smiles loves to make your child's trip to the dentist fun!

Pediatric Dentists General Dentists
Dr. Edward L. Donaldson, Jr. Dr. Leigh Flattman
Dr. Jill Donaldson Dr. Molly Burns
Dr. Tessa Smith Dr. Melissa Ritter
Dr. Nicole Boxberger Dr. Shelly Montegut
  Dr. Heidi Paridon
  Dr. Ann Nguyen
  Dr. Jenna Warlick
  Dr. Laura Tomaszewski